Dedicated & Private Fleets

Dedicated & Private Fleets

TMS Logistics has a core competency around building cost-effective dedicated/private fleet programs.  The end goal of these programs is to provide a win-win solution for our customers by providing committed capacity to support their business while driving improved service levels and cost savings over non-dedicated or internal private fleet programs.  This is achieved through:

  • Volume purchasing driving savings on equipment, fuel, insurance and other costs
  • Technology and on-board tracking of tractors and trailers provides real time visibility to fleet and also helps effectively management the day to day activity of the fleet eliminating waste
  • Revenue sharing programs utilizing equipment outside of peak need time for our dedicated/private fleet customers
  • Full time driver recruiting resources to ensure we always have driver capacity
  • Trailer fleet with a trailer to tractor ratio of 5:1 to maximize efficiency of high volume route movements
  • Account managers committed to operate fleet efficiently on a daily basis
  • Transfer risk of rising insurance costs to TMS Logistics while ensuring the required coverages are maintained 
  • Full time personnel focused on managing compliance with USDOT regulations taking the burden and cost of compliance away from your business

We are family!

At ReedTMS, we're committed to providing a quality, professional transportation experience.  Founded in 1996 by Mark R Reed, the company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and employs a team of over 270 people.

The success of each company relies heavily on the quality of the people we attract and retain.  Both Reed Transport and TMS Logistics promote an employee-centric culture that emphasizes teamwork, personal growth, and challenging work with rewards for success.