LTL & Freight Management

LTL & Freight Management

Currently searching for competitive LTL rates? Look no further. ReedTMS Logistics is able to provide the tools and resources for all your LTL shipping needs.

We will assist you in simplifying the LTL freight shipping process with our innovative and industry-leading logistics technology. We also maintain strong relationships with some of the nation’s leading LTL carriers, allowing us to pass our LTL rates to our customers.

Freight Management Services Include:

  • Carrier Procurement & Management: Technology will analyze data and provide awards to carriers per lane.
  • Contract Negotiations: Contracts, rates, and historical data are reviewed for savings opportunities. We negotiate effective rates with tailored service programs on the customer’s behalf.
  • Freight Bill Auditing: Bills are analyzed to ensure billing accuracy (i.e. service levels, weight, mileage, freight classification, freight rates, accessorial charges, etc.). When inaccuracies are identified, refund claims are filed on the customer’s behalf – savings are split with Reed.
  • Route and Mode Optimization: TMS can consolidate shipments and create the most effective multi-stop moves including the construction and utilization of pools and mode skipping.


We are family!

At ReedTMS, we're committed to providing a quality, professional transportation experience.  Founded in 1996 by Mark R Reed, the company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and employs a team of over 270 people.

The success of each company relies heavily on the quality of the people we attract and retain.  Both Reed Transport and TMS Logistics promote an employee-centric culture that emphasizes teamwork, personal growth, and challenging work with rewards for success.