Carrier Resources

Our carrier relations team manages over 26,000 carrier relationships where we regularly update the system to document our understanding of each carrier’s needs (i.e. types and numbers of equipment, lanes or areas of service, preferred lanes, etc.).

The goal is to help our carriers keep their equipment loaded and productive at fair market rates.

Why Work With Reed?

Check Carrier Pay Status

When you move freight for Reed Transport we want to make getting a payment status as simple as possible! This portal is available to all carriers and there is no setup required. All you need is your carrier ID number and freight bill number. You can look up the status of your invoices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

See Carrier Pay Status

Payment Terms

Carriers can view all payment terms associated with moving a load with Reed Transport. These terms specify the periods allowed to pay off the amount due, and also includes information regarding EFS advances and other similar provisions.

See Payment Terms